May 17, 2024

Pediapharma, Inc.: Nurturing Filipino Families for Generations

Pediapharma, Inc. has continued to be your reliable companion in pediatric healthcare for over three decades. Discover our genuine dedication and unwavering commitment, and why our brand remains a cherished name in Filipino households!

Since 1991, Pediapharma, Inc. has been likened to that trusted tito or tita in the family— always there when you need them, and more importantly, with solutions that work!

Founded by the amazing Dr. Arturo C. Ludan, Pediapharma‘s journey started with SALINASE, the no-sting nasal saline solution that made sniffles a little less miserable for our kiddos. And boy, did they keep the good stuff coming!

From the first fluoride preparation with INFAFLOR to the genius of ZINBEE, the first single- ingredient zinc gluconate, Pediapharma has been the Pinoy family’s go-to for all things pediatric. And let’s not forget XYLOGEL, the lifesaver for teething troubles, or CHOLYTE PLUS, our hero during tummy troubles.

Needless to say, Pediapharma has got it all covered when it comes to protecting your precious ones.

Keeping and Growing Ahead of the Times

But what truly sets Pediapharma apart is its commitment to staying ahead of the curve. In a world where trends come and go while viruses continue to evolve, Pediapharma remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering quality products. Products that are not only effective but also safe for our precious little ones.

Rest assured, each innovation is backed by years of research and expertise, ensuring that every product that bears the Pediapharma brand is nothing short of exceptional.

And let’s not forget the people behind the brand— passionate minds and caring hearts who work tirelessly to bring these innovations to life. From the brilliant scientists in the lab to the friendly faces in customer service, Pediapharma‘s team is united by a shared mission: to make a positive difference in the lives of Filipino families.

All About Family Goals

Of course, it’s more than just about our products. Once you become part of our Pediapharma family, you’ll soon know that it’s more about genuinely caring for your loved ones the best we can.

With a mission to bring premium quality in value-added products that keep our Pinoy fam happy and healthy, Pediapharma is truly more than your kids’ proverbial tito or tita. We’re more like that cool ninongs and ninangs who vowed to always have your children’s backs. After all, we’re that kind of special pharma company whose vision is to keep your kiddos’ well-being at the top of our priorities.

As we look to the future, one thing is certain: Pediapharma will continue to be your trusted partner in parenthood, with new and exciting innovations on the horizon!

With that, here’s to the next chapter of our journey together— one that’s filled with love, laughter, and the unwavering support of Pediapharma by your side.