About Pediapharma

Pediapharma, Inc. was founded in 1991 by renowned Pediatrician, Dr. Arturo C. Ludan, a TOYM Awardee in Medicine. His vision was to develop pediatric products that are the result of clinical efficacy and safety. The first product of Pediapharma was Salinase, which today is the company’s iconic product.

As the years progressed, the company introduced new and unique products that were industry pioneers, based on the latest medical and scientific evidence and research. These are the following:


The first no sting nasal saline solution launched in 1991.


The first Fluoride preparation in the commercial market (1991).


The first single ingredient zinc gluconate preparation in the market (2000)


The first natural teething and healing oral gel for all ages launched in 2004.

Cholyte Plus

The first and only "2 in 1" reduced osmolarity ORS with Zinc (2005).


Multistrain probiotics to maintain balanced intestinal health (2006).

Salinase Max

The first NO STING nasal saline solution with natural antibacterial, Xylitol (2012).

Our Mission

Pediapharma Inc. is committed to develop and market premium quality, value-added products to improve and maintain the optimum health of the Filipino family.

Our Vision

To continue being an innovative, special pharma company that promotes the well-being of its customers, especially the Filipino child.