Pediapharma Foundation launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

Pediapharma Foundation, whose programs promote the general welfare of children, recently launched a new communication campaign that addresses bullying in schools. The effort, called “No to Bullying”, seeks to impart awareness on the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 10267, also known as The Anti-Bullying Act of 2013.

The move was undertaken to help arrest the growing and worsening incidence of bullying in schools, particularly in the elementary and secondary levels.

The target audiences of the “No to Bullying” campaign are school administrators, teachers, parents, children who do the bullying, and the victims they are bullying. Their respective rights and responsibilities under the law are tackled in the campaign, as well the proper procedures in handling bullying cases.

Aside from the dissemination of various anti-bullying communication materials, Pediapharma Foundation is spearheading a campus lecture tour that will elaborate on the anti-bullying law, as well as the long-term psychological effects of bullying.

Pediapharma Foundation continues to promote the education and health of underprivileged children, and has ongoing medical and dental missions, feeding programs and scholarship grants that benefit the Filipino youth.